Upcoming HME/DME Marketing Educational Events for 2013

The new year is already looking like it will be jam-packed with educational opportunities for HME Marketing professionals nationwide, thanks in large part to two industry leaders, Medtrade and HME News.  I’ll be doing my part too by speaking and teaching at a variety of Medtrade and HME News events, with the first one beginning in January.

If you are still pulling together a strategic marketing plan for 2013, or looking at launching a whole new series of marketing campaigns including social media, you’ll want to tune into the events listed below.  Please see Medtrade and HME News  for full details on enrollment as well as related costs.

Click the picture above to watch the new commercial for Medtrade 2013, featuring Lisa Wells.

Click the picture above to watch the new commercial for Medtrade 2013, featuring Lisa Wells.

Medtrade Spring: Pre-Conference Session [4-Part Webinar Series]
Business 101: Fundamentals of Online Marketing
Presented by Lisa Wells

Are you sliding off the side of the digital curve? Do your online marketing programs need a little extra oomph?

This four-hour virtual bootcamp is one of the most engaging online marketing educational series for HME marketing professionals that we’ve ever offered.    HME marketing expert Lisa Wells will take you through the principles of e-marketing, providing entertaining stories, videos and real-world examples along the way to help you apply these concepts to your daily business.

This 4-part series will include:

  • E-marketing terminology and definitions
  • A progressive pace for beginner to mid-level participants
  • Videos to watch for additional learning opportunities outside of class instruction times
  • A list of additional resources that will be delivered onsite during Medtrade Spring

*Webinar dates:

  • Wed Jan 23 at 2 PM EST
  • Wed Feb 13 at 2 PM EST
  • Thurs Feb 21 at 2PM EST
  • Last session delivered in-person at Medtrade Spring on Tuesday, March 19.

Webinar instructions to be provided a week prior to each call to all registered participants.

Given the nature of the topic, the first three hours of the course will be delivered via webinar, with the remaining hour and follow-up questions from attendees delivered during Medtrade Spring.  Participants may attend the last hour of the course at Medtrade Spring without taking the prior three hours online if they wish to watch the recorded version after final class session.

Recommended Audience: all DME sales, marketing and technical staff who are striving to take their digital presence to the next level.


HME News: Webinar Series
Top 10 Marketing Ideas to Kick Off HME Sales in 2013
Date: February 13, 2012

Presented by Lisa Wells

On the agenda:

  • Tips and tactics for marketing success
  • Creative ideas that won’t break the bank
  • Evaluating the best use of online content for social media
  • Identifying the process behind successful marketing programs
  • How to sync your marketing plan with your business plan

And Much More!

You don’t have to be the biggest provider to make a huge impression on the market. Kick off your marketing programs for the year by participating in this webcast!

Stay tuned, more events and resources from Get Social will be announced soon. Visit our events page for the latest news.



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